Why Dr. BGR Publications are Open Access?
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Why Dr. BGR Publications are Open Access?

What is Open Access? 


First, let’s see what is meant by open-access –

Open Access (OA) refers to an article or a journal that is published on online platforms that do not restrict users from making editing, copying, remixing, and reusing. There are many types of open access such as gold open access, green open access, diamond open access, hybrid open access, bronze open access, and black open access.

Open access types explained in detail  


As mentioned above, the six OA types come under two categories as Purely Open access (Full Open access) and Restricted open access

Fully Open Access includes: 


1. Green Open Access or Repository-based OA

In this, authors can archive their own work on a website or an independent repository but in a few cases, some journals need an embargo period-like 6 to 12 months in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and more than a year in humanities, arts and social sciences – before self-archiving.

2. Gold Open Access or Journal-based OA

Unlike Green OA, in Gold Open Access, free access for the users to access journals is provided by Publishers. But in some cases, APC (Article Processing Charges may be applied).

3. Diamond Open Access

Authors can freely publish their journals and readers can freely access that journals.
Institutions or National Infrastructure are supporting this.

Restricted Open Access includes:


👉🏻Bronze Open Access

Journal that is freely available without an open license and cannot be considered as real open access.

👉🏻Black Open Access

Illegal Articles are available for free on the internet.

👉🏻Hybrid Open Access

APC is paid for an Individual article before it is made open access.

Here comes the main content “Why Our services are purely Diamond Open Access” 


1. We planned to Help student’s paper submission
2. With the help of our services, you could easily finish your article submission work
3. Our Journals are purely and easily understandable
4. Our aim is to make more Open Access articles for the usage of Society

Is there any use for UG and PG Students?

Yeah, sure! There are a lot of Journals in our publication, that you can use to submit research papers related to Science and Technology.

Can common people able to make use of our services? 


Yes, Our Journals are written in easily understandable languages. So even, SSLC students could understand the concept. You will think, in what way a common people make use of our journals. In our Sites, we are providing knowledge towards most updated technologies about MS Office (Microsoft Office), and basic system knowledge so that a common people can learn a lot of knowledge from our sites and they could develop their skills and they could reach growth in their Financial Dependencies.

Even, they could learn about whats the process of Human Life cycling and respiratory process, digestional process, and more about living beings. And Last but not least, they will understand more about geography, economics, and upcoming technologies related to weather, and all basic knowledge that a common human being should know in their life.


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