Dr.BGR Publications works in joint venture with the upcoming scientists to develop policies to help our research peoples and clarify our position on key issues. Our policies include:

Duties of Chief Editor, Editors, Reviewers, Authors and of the Publisher.

Dr.BGR Publications grant a crystal clear waiver policy assist researchers who are unable to meet some or all of the cost associated with publishing open access.

Information about price setting for open access and special issue options.

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Policy for consumer licenses on open access (oa) articles

Policy on the online accessibility and maintenance of published content.

Authors should announce sources of financial support for the research (work) undertaken, too.

Informed consent is a procedure for getting permission before publishing personal information.

Dr.BGR Publications has formulated policies to make sure proper use of human beings and handling of animals in all forms of research.

Evaluations in Dr.BGR Publications are primarily commissioned papers that aim to provide a timely and accessible overview of a particular ground of new research.  

We admits advertisements. The Publisher reserves the right to reject any poster deemed not applicable with the aims and policies of Dr.BGR Publications.