International Journal of Current Science Research (IJCSR) Author Guidance

IJCSR publishes research and review articles appropriate to the field of science. Authors should prepare papers in harmony with the directions below.


Article Preparation Procedure

Research / Review Papers

Articles should be prepared according to the IJCSR template.

Editorial Notes

  • Editorials either describe journal policy issues directly relevant to trending issues.
  • Editorials not exceeding 1000 words total, no abstract, a least digit of bibliography (not more than 5). 

Clinical Images

  • Pictorial representation on research 
  • It maximum allowable 8 figures with a description 
  • Scientific images do not exceed 400 words.  
  • If required, three references can be permitted.

Brief report

  • Total Words: up to 2500 (not including abstract, illustrations, & references)
  • Abstract Length: up to 150 words
  • Keywords: 3
  • Table / Figure Limits: up to 3 tables & figures
  • References: up to 20 


  • Total Length: up to 2000 words (not including abstract, illustrations, & references)
  • Length of Abstract: up to 150 words
  • Keywords: 3
  • Table / Figure Limits: up to 3 tables & figures
  • References: up to 15

Submission Of Article

Review Process

It is an important aspect of the publication. International Journal of Current Science Research (IJCSR) is a peer-reviewed e-journal.


  1. Chief Editor verifies relevance of the article to the journal’s policy for publishing and assigns editor for evaluation.
  2. Authors act in response to the query raised by editors if the article is accepted for publication.
  3. Plagiarism action done by “COPYSCAPE”. A rejection communication is sent if not accepted.
  4. Minimum two reviews.

Article Acceptance

Paper has been accepted, all authors are notified by e-mail. Within 48 hrs you can get Acknowledgment from IJCSR. No hard copy writing will be mailed.


Authors transfer copyright to the publisher as division of a journal publishing contract, but have the right to share their article to personal use, institutional use and scholarly sharing purposes.


Inquiries regarding publication feel free to contact us