Welcome to Dr.BGR Publications

Frequently asked questions? (FAQ)

Dr.BGR Publications support open access?
Yes, we support open access.
How many co-authors are allowed in a paper?
There is no limit for co-authors.
Can I send an abstract only for review articles?
No, you have to send a full article.
How much time duration will you take for the review process?
It depends on the reviewer 's hand.
How many manuscripts can I submit for the same edition?
Maximum 02 articles allowed by one author to the same issue.
Can you write articles for me under the paid version for the publication?
Really Sorry, No, It’s not possible.
Will I submit papers through any third party to the journal?
No, you can directly submit your article through electronic mail address.
My paper has been published, now I want to make a correction in the paper?
Every issue will be released after getting approval from the author through proof correction form. So please excuse us.
What are the rules and conditions to withdraw my paper?
Author is free to withdraw his/her article at any circumstance but before payment. After payment, the paper cannot withdraw at any state.
Will you provide us with a hard copy (printed version) of the published article?
No, we are functioning on the basis of e-ISSN.
Do you provide hard copy certificates of publication?
Certificate of publication is provided on author’s request. Soft copy of certificate (e-certificate) is free of charge, provided by email.
What types of papers are published in Dr.BGR Publications?
We accept the following:
  • Research Article
  • Short Reports / Letters
  • Case Studies
  • Review Article
  • Literature Reviews
  • Book Reviews
  • Conceptual Framework
  • Analytical & Simulation Models
  • Technical Note
  • Methodologies
  • Editorial
  • Focus
  • Perspectives
  • Commentary article
How do I propose a journal for a special issue?
Can we receive a waiver of our paper’s membership fee?
Is there any certificate for being an editorial member?
Sure, as per editor request e-certificate given.
Who should submit articles to Dr.BGR Publications?
Submissions are welcome from theorists, corporate professionals, research institutes (private/government aided), scholars, scientists, NGO members and educators. Undergraduate and Postgraduate students are predominantly encouraged to submit articles with their academic advisors.
How do I choose a topic for an editorial?
The editorial can be written based on the aim and scope of the magazine.
How do I submit my article?
Please click: Online Submission
What is the pay for extra pages?
Not any. We don’t charge extra fees.
Dr.BGR Publications publish negative results?
Yes. Research papers that show negative results are welcome.
Is it requisite to submit a signed copyright form?
Yes. Kindly download the copyright form and send us. Digital signature also acknowledged.
May I send you my article in my native language?
Dr.BGR Publications journals admit only English.
If any contribution fee?
No, it is an open access publisher.
What is your researcher care hours?
👉Email: 24/7. We generally respond to any enquiries within 24 hours. 👉WhatsApp: 10.00 am to 8.30 pm.
How do I join the editorial council?
Dr. BGR Publications welcomes experts to the editorial board who support our vision. Please visit https://drbgrpublications.in/call-for-editor/
Can I publish my complete thesis in your journal?
No. You can publish your complete dissertation with an ISBN.
I did not find my query on your FAQ list
Please contact our editorial office through the mail.