Editorial Council

An editorial council is principally made up of a team of subject experts that work honestly with the chief editor to develop the journal and promote new initiatives.

Role and Responsibilities of Editors
  • To suggest on journal policy
  • To discover topics for special issues of the journal
  • To work with chief editor to ensure ongoing progress of the journal
  • For assessment submitted manuscripts 
  • Acting as speaker for Dr.BGR Publications in conferences and seminar
  • Actively encourage the journal to libraries 
  • Well-timed communicates with the editorial office
  • The editor should not reveal any information about the author and the article details to anyone, absolute confidentiality maintenance is mandatory.
Benefits and Privileges
  • Editors can publish editorial notes at no cost  
  • Editor name and affiliation will be listed in the journal editorial
  • Editors can publish book reviews with zero price. 
Update your Title
  • Share your editorial designation on social media and bring it up to date on your institution’s web page.
We want you on our team


    The editorial designation may be closed at any time based on the following circumstances.

    • Absence of understanding on common aspects as per the policies of Dr. BGR Publications.
    • Unexciting performance of the allotted work.