Conflict of Interest (COI)

Journal article submissions are assigned to the chief editor in an effort to minimize possible COI. 

What is a Conflict of Interest ?

A COI can occur when you have a financial, profit-making, legislation, relationship with other organizations, or with the people working with them, that could influence your research.

Personal conflicts of interest

Potential COI in relation to your submitted paper could contain:

  • Professional practice 
  • Employment
  • Grants & Sponsorship 
  • Charge 
  • Patents & Royalties
  • Share ownership
Institutional Conflicts of Interest

Likewise, if you are conscious of your employer having any financial interest in, / conflict with, the subject matter / resources you elucidate in your article, please provide additional detail in your covering letter to the editor-in-chief.

If you have any queries, please contact the editorial office. drbgrpublications@gmail.com