Tips For Writing Cover Letter to Journal Editor
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Tips For Writing Cover Letter to Journal Editor

Here added below the tips to write a covering letter to the journal editor.  


Purpose of Covering letter to Journal editor :  


A covering letter is useful for the journal staff to find the title and description of that particular journal and he could declare that the journal will be suitable for publications, etc., It also helps to confirm that the authors have followed the proper way of practices. A cover letter should summarize your manuscript quickly for the journal staff. In most cases, the covering letter is optional. Before writing a covering letter, refer to the publication website and confirm that you followed their steps while writing the manuscript. 

A cover letter plays a major role during submission and it is helpful for the journal editor to filter out the specific article for their journals.

Let’s see how to write a Covering letter to the Journal Editor : 


First and most, the covering letter should not be more than one page and it should follow the single-line spacing. Don’t cut and paste your abstract into the cover letter. While writing a covering letter, you could split the way of writing into 3 steps : 

👉🏻Addressee’s information and submission date

👉🏻Opening salutation and the purpose of that journal

👉🏻Clear Summary of your research paper and its benefits, Closing salutation

1. Addressee’s information and submission date

Before writing, check the publication website for the editor’s name. If the editor’s name is not mentioned on the website, just use Editor-in-Chief and create it. Mention the name of the addressee in the left corner of that page and also mention the submission date at the top according to your choice.

2. Opening salutation and the purpose of cover letter

Write the title of your journal and the last name of the addressee. If you can’t find an editor name, just use “Dear Editor” as an opening salutation. Write down the purpose of the cover letter such as article type, author name, and your manuscript title. Prepare the heading of your article and you can mention it in ascending order in the cover letter.

3. Clear Summary of your research paper and its benefits, Closing salutation

In the Next paragraph, write down a clear explanation of the purpose of writing that journal and explain the benefits of your article clearly. Briefly thank the journal editor for considering your article and spending their time on your covering letter. Finally, end the covering letter with your contact information including email.

Pictorial Representation of sample cover letter for your reference :  


[Insert Journal Editor’s Name here]


[Insert Journal name here]

[Insert date here – Day Month Year]

Dear Dr [Insert editor’s surname here],

We would like to submit our research article entitled “[Insert title of your manuscript here]” for publication as an [insert article type here] in [insert journal name here].

[Provide the summary of the work and explain its importance for the readership of the journal]

We confirm that this manuscript has not been published elsewhere and is not under consideration by another journal. All authors have approved the manuscript and agree with submission to [insert journal name here]. The study was supported by a grant from the [ funding body here]. The authors have no conflicts of interest to declare.

Please address all correspondence to : 

[insert name]

[insert contact address, telephone, and email address]


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