Formulation and Evaluation of Neem and Goumutra Cream


Rushabh Jain et. al.,


Neem | Cow urine

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Vol: 9; Iss:9; Sep 23 | ISSN: 2454-5422


Neem (Azadirachta indica) and cow urine (goumutra) and have been used in Indian culture since centuries together and are reported to have antimicrobial and antifungal activity [S. Vats, 2011]. It has shown beneficial effect in various skin infections. The current study was intended in augmenting antimicrobial activities of neem and cow urine and formulating a skin cream by using stearic acid, triethanolamine, lanolin and mineral oil. Various parameters such as distillation, solubility, selection of cream base were carried out in order to prepare a stable dosage form. The optimized formulation was evaluated for spread ability, dye test, stability test, antimicrobial activity and docking study. Docking study with allantoin revealed that allantoin has the ability to interact with DNA gyrase- II and tend to show anti-bacterial activity. MIC (Minimum Inhibitory Concentration) study of allantoin showed positive effect against both gram positive and gram negative bacteria at 4 µg/ mL for Bacillus subtilis and 8 µg/ mL for Staphylococcus aureus. It was indicated that, isolated allantoin exhibit equal or better than standard in terms of anti- bacterial activity.


Rushabh Jain et. al., “Formulation and Evaluation of Neem and Goumutra Cream” International Journal of current Science Research (IJCSR) 9.9 (2023); 1-9; ISSN: 2454-5422