Industrial Crops in India for Using an Emollient – A Review


Mariselvam et al.,


Plants | Emollient

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Vol: 8; Iss:12; Dec 22 | ISSN: 2454-5422


India is one of the world’s seventeen mega-biodiversity countries. India has seventy percent areas covered by more than 45,500 plant species and nearly 6500 native species which are still used in the health care products traditionally. More than 53 plants were used for an emollient which were reported by various researchers. The 53 plant species which have emollient properties belong to the twenty three different families. Especially, more than 19 plant entire parts with emollient property. The present review discussed the plants with emollient properties and cultivation status in India. 


Mariselvam R, Shibila S , Mathan Kumar S & Balasubramanian. A Industrial crops in India for using an emollient – A review Int.J.Curr.Sci.Res. vol. 8, iss. 12, pp 2382-2406, Dec. 2022; ISSN: 2454-5422