A Study on Prescription Pattern Analysis and the Role of Pharmacist in the Management of Hypertension


Shaik Sameeha Sultana et al.,


Blood pressure | Anti-hypertensives

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Vol: 7; Iss:8; Aug 21 | ISSN: 2454-5422


Background: Hypertension is a major cause of premature death worldwide. It is an important risk factor for complications of the neurological, cerebrovascular, and renal systems. The growing rate of hypertension and the increasing cost of its care affect the prescribing habits of physicians and patients with the procedure. Therefore, we aim to focus on the usage of antihypertensive drugs.

Objective: To analyze the prescription pattern in hypertensive patients and to assess the anthropometric details associated with increased risk of hypertension. To observe changes in the treatment strategy according to age and comorbidity.

Methodology: A prospective, observational learning involving analysis of Inpatients and Outpatients of Medicover Hospital, Hyderabad, India diagnosed with Hypertension and other Comorbid conditions using patient data collection form for a study period of 6 months.

Results: Out of a total 300 prescriptions were observed. The majority of the cases were males (57%) and female patients were (43%). Most of them were between the age group of 51-60 years. (5%). Hypothyroid (10%), Diabetes Mellitus, (40%) Chronic kidney disease, (47%) Coronary artery disease were the most common comorbidities. Headache (38%) was the most common symptom. Our analysis shows that monotherapy (92%) was the prescribed drug therapy.\

Conclusion: Our study focused on prescription pattern analysis and the role of a pharmacist in the management of hypertension. Males were at more risk than females due to cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, and high salt intake on a daily basis. In general, single-drug therapy was more prescribed when compared to combination therapy, respectively. ARB’s were the most commonly prescribed class of drugs. Hypertension management can be done by adapting pharmacologic choices and lifestyle modification recommendations including exercise are major components to blood pressure control in this population.


Shaik Sameeha Sultana, Mohammed Omer, Asnia Fatima, Nayyara Siddiqua, Aliya Parveen, A Study on Prescription Pattern Analysis and the Role of Pharmacist in the Management of Hypertension. International Journal of Current Science Research (IJCSR) 7.8 (2021): 2223-2241.