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Antipyretic and Analgesic effects of Aristolochia tagala


 Antipyretic and Analgesic effects of Aristolochia tagala


Ganesan Rameshkumar | Palpandian Prema


antipyretic | analgesic

Publication Details

Vol: 2; Iss: 11; Nov 16 | ISSN: 2454-5422


The indiscriminate use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as antipyretic and analgesic agents causes potential side effects in patients. Therefore, the quest for the identification of analgesic drugs without side effects is continuing. In this process, the efficacy of plant-based drugs used in the traditional medicine system is gaining momentum nowadays due to their cost effectiveness, greater availability and lesser side effects. In the present study, the methanolic leaf extract of Aristolochia tagala was tested for the antipyretic and analgesic effect in Swiss albino mice. The antipyretic activity was investigated by the brewer’s yeast induced pyrexia method. The rectal temperature was measured after 18 h of yeast injection. The temperature decrease was recorded for four hours after the administration of plant extract. For the determination of analgesic effect, tail immersion test was followed. The animals were treated with the plant extract at the doses of 200 mg/ kg and 400 mg/ kg. The reaction time was recorded after the drug treatment. The results were subjected to statistical analysis using one-way ANOVA for their significance. The results indicate that Aristolochia tagala methanolic extract possesses antipyretic and analgesic effect, which are dose dependent.


Ganesan Rameshkumar and Palpandian Prema. “Antipyretic and Analgesic effects of Aristolochia tagala”. International Journal of Current Science Research (IJCSR) 2.11 (2016):  983-990.