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Various Pervasive Techniques in Fish Culture


 Various Pervasive Techniques in Fish Culture


Mercy Amrita | Lysa Packiam


pervasive| wireless sensor node

Publication Details

Vol: 2; Iss: 2; Feb 16 | ISSN: 2454-5422


Pervasive fish farming are gaining its importance and booming out in Today’s world. Modernized fish farming has gained a lot of maturity and is attracting, increasing the interest in research community. There is a urgent need for modernized fish farms to increase the healthy fish survival rate in ponds. This review helps to provide a quick introduction of Pervasive Technologies, in addition we present most relevant research efforts made around the improvement of fish farms. We believe that this paper will pave the way for researchers to understand the behavior of all various pervasive fish culture techniques and importance of IOT based fish farming This review will help researchers to contribute for further relevant research works.


C.Mercy Amrita and R.S.Lysa Packiam. “Various Pervasive Techniques in Fish Culture”. International Journal of Current Science Research (IJCSR) 2.2 (2016): 346-352.