Cell Block Cytology: Utility and efficacy in diagnostic cytology


Cell Block Cytology: Utility and efficacy in diagnostic cytology


Dr Pradkhshana Vijay, et al.,


Fine needle aspiration cytology | Cell block | Paraffin

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Vol: 5; Iss: 1; Jan 19 | ISSN: 2454-5422


Main constraint of the conventional Fine needle aspiration cytology is the inadequate material
availability for specialized diagnostic investigations including Immunocytochemistry. The cell
block technique possibly will abet in overcoming this limitation. Cell blocks are prepared from
fine-needle aspirations and tissue fluids. It is a helpful adjunct to smears so as to establish a
definitive diagnosis based on cytopathology. Cell blocks help in tumor grouping which cannot be
achieved by cytological smears alone. Cell-block preparations made from sedimented cells is a
useful adjunct to routine cytological methods used. Preparation is superior and presents brilliant
cytomorphologic features, ensuring best conservation of immunocytochemical and histochemical
properties. Advantages of technique are simpler protocol to follow and use of routine laboratory
chemicals. A note of effectiveness of cell block technique is also stated


Dr Pradkhshana Vijay “Cell Block Cytology: Utility and efficacy in diagnostic cytology”. International Journal of Current Science Research (IJCSR) 5.2 (2019):  1718-1722.