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Formulation and Standardization of Protein Rich Herbal Biscuits


Formulation and Standardization of Protein Rich Herbal Biscuits


Komal Srivastava | Meera


Snacking | Lysine

Publication Details

Vol: 3; Iss: 4;  Apr-17 | ISSN: 2454-5422


Snacking has infact become way of life for both adult and children in most parts of India. Grains are relatively low in the amino acid lysine and supplementation with legumes will provide excellent protein. Cereal and pulse mixture complement each others deficiency in mutual supplementation. The project involved the preparation of biscuits with herbs and analysing its acceptability, nutrient composition and shelf-life. All products were subjected to organoleptic evaluation in order to find its acceptability. The product with highest mean score of 4.02 and 3.65 and 3.88 were chosen for carrying out nutrient analysis. Nutrient analysis indicated higher nutrient content in the standardized biscuits. The nutrients analyzed were energy, protein and fibre. The standardized biscuits were stored in polyethylene sheets at room temperature and shelf- life studies were carried out for a period of one month. Storage study proved that the biscuits were acceptable for human consumption after storing it for one month. Statistically it was proved that on storage it was acceptable.


Komal Srivastava and Meera Raman. “Formulation and Standardization of Protein Rich Herbal Biscuits”. International Journal of Current Science Research (IJCSR) 3.4 (2017):  1229-1237.