International Journal of Business and Economics Research (IJBER) e-ISSN:2455-3921

About IJBER Journal

International Journal of Business and Economics Research (IJBER) is a peer reviewed international e-journal. It is quarterly edition journal. IJBER follows open access system. IJBER is indexed in international and national databases.

Aim & Scope

We plan to convey innovative dreams to international viewers and publish research papers with society loving messages.

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IJBER covers all the areas related to business administration, business management, business economics, business law, business taxation, marketing and economics.

History of business, Law (Fundamental rights, Administrative law, Finance law), Business statistics, Business environment, Environmental management, Marketing management, Taxes (Direct and Indirect), Export and Import Management, Brand management, Market research, etc,

Management of the family firm, Managing Technology, Resources Management, Social Entrepreneurship, Quality management, etc,

Cash policies, VAT, Sales tax, Insurance, Global finance, Green accounting, ROI (Return on Investment), etc,

History of economics (Ancient economic thought, Economic thought in Middle age, etc,), Macroeconomics (Concepts, Models, Policy, Development, etc,), Microeconomics, Financial economics, Labor economics, Urban economics, Applied economics, Quantitative economics, Tools of economic analysis, Health economics, Environmental Economics, Economics of Natural Resources, Ecological Economics, Mathematical Economics, The Economics of Social Issues, Evolution of Economic Systems, Green economy, World economy, Econometrics, etc.

Dress code, Employee benefit planning, Employment equity, Harassment, Human resources, Knowledge management, Public unions, Sexual harassment, Succession management, Team leadership, Telecommuting, Total quality management, Workplace atmosphere, Workplace dating, Workplace violence, etc,

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