Marketing Strategy of Dailythanthi in Tamilnadu


Marketing Strategy of Dailythanthi in Tamilnadu


Thirumal Azhagan and Vasantha kumar


Dailythanthi | Newspaper

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 Vol: 6; No: 1; Mar 20 | ISSN: 2455-3921


Newspapers have a significant role to play within society. Usually, everyone starts their day in the morning by reading the Newspaper. Because of the growth of News Channels, Digital News, Mobile Updates and Social Media, etc., the newspaper industry is currently facing several challenges, hence the need for proper marketing to change the communication process. An effective marketing strategy is expected to attract more potential customers and also retains its readers. A newspaper as a medium should fulfill the reader’s need to provide some information that will help them acquire some general knowledge. This research paper study aims to give an overview of how “The DailyThanthi” can improve its marketing strategy and meet the reader’s needs. This research paper focuses on an analysis of some of the marketing strategies.


P.Vasantha kumar, Research Scholar, Dept. of Management Studies, University College of Engineering, Anna University, Trichy


Thirumal Azhagan.C and Vasantha kumar.P Marketing Strategy of Dailythanthi in Tamilnadu”. International Journal of Business and Economics Research (IJBER) 6.1. (2020): 518-523