Consumer’s buying behavior towards online shopping


Consumer’s buying behavior towards online shopping


Balamurugan | Munish Kumar


Online Shopping | Consumer

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Vol:3; No:4;Dec-17 | ISSN: 2455-3921


This study portrays the consumer’s attitude towards online shopping. Today, marketing is not a mere physical process of activities concerning exchanging goods. Modern marketing is primarily concerned with creation of consumers in other words, identification of the needs of consumers and then organizing the business activities to satisfy the consumers’ needs. The present day business men aim at ‘consumers delight’ rather than consumer satisfaction. In fact modern marketing enhances all the activities involved in identifying the needs of present and potential consumers’ for goods and services, in procuring the goods from production centre and distribution through transfer of ownership. Marketing is in brief supplying what the consumers’ want, when they want, at the place they want, at the price they can afford and thereby resulting in the creation of a satisfied consumers’. The success of any online shopping company in India depends upon its popularity, its branding image, its unique & fair policies, and its customer relations etc.


K.Balamurugan, Assistant Professor in Commerce, IHRD College of Applied science, India


K.Balamurugan and M.Munish Kumar “Consumer’s buying behavior towards online shopping”. International Journal of Business and Economics Research (IJBER) 3.4 (2017): 377-385