The Festival of Draupadi in Vanniyar Community


The Festival of Draupadi in Vanniyar Community




Draupadi | Vanniyar

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Vol:2; No: 1; Mar-16 | ISSN: 2455-3921


Festivals are mingle with human life and given the entire satisfaction of their life without fair and festival in one country, village or community will exist. Fair and festivals of the particular district, town, and village usually express their entire lifestyle. People from all walks of life are longing to celebrate their fair and festivals. The Hindus, Christians, Muslims and other religious sects also mingled with their own fair and festivals. The Vanniyars were also very much involved and observed their fair and festivals in a grand manner.


V.Kathiravan, Assistant Professor in History, VHNSN College, India


V.Kathiravan “The Festival of Draupadi in Vanniyar Community”. International Journal of Business and Economics Research (IJBER) 2.1 (2016): 92-97.