Trends of E-Commerce in India – Problems and Prospects


Trends of E-Commerce in India – Problems and Prospects


Kannan et al.,


e-tailing | E-Commerce

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Vol:2; No: 1; Mar-16 | ISSN: 2455-3921


Over the last few decades the popularity of e-commerce has tremendously increased due to its quick and convenient way of exchanging goods and regional and global services. India will be booming ground for e-commerce business models; the country already reported 12% growth in e-commerce retail business year in 2011-2015. The present study is a conceptual survey with exploratory cum descriptive nature. It attempts to explain the concept of e- commerce, business models for e-commerce, differences between traditional commerce and electronic commerce, merits and limitations of e-commerce, various trends in e-commerce and challenges before e- commerce. It concludes that e-commerce offers several benefits to the various stakeholders. However, at present juncture it has several limitations, legal and technical barriers in the development of e-commerce in India which could fade away in years to come. Hence we should equip ourselves to give worm welcome to e-commerce which is an obvious outcome of globalization and technological revolution around the globe.


V.M.Kannan, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce (SF), VHNSN College, India


V.M.Kannan, M.Sivasankar, A.Nagavaradharajan and G.Hezekiah Raja “Trends of E-Commerce in India – Problems and Prospects”. International Journal of Business and Economics Research (IJBER) 2.1 (2016): 83-91.